Reading Goals & Recent Reads

Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba

Life gets busy and before you know it, it’s been almost a year since you’ve last brain dumped into your book blog. It happens: no guilt, no stress. Just relaxing more and getting back to doing more of what I love, which is reading and writing. And oh, how I’ve missed it. 🙂

I’ve missed sharing about the books that excite me long after they’ve been read, the ones I’ve stumbled upon that could not have been coincidence, and reading about those same experiences from fellow bookworms that can’t hold their literary excitement in either.

So I wanted to share about some reading goals I’d like to achieve this year and what part of the bookshelf I’m currently working on. Happy 2020 everyone!

~May your books be massive and your reading time infinite~

Reading Goals

  • Don’t Force It

I’m a mood reader, and because reading is something I enjoy doing to relax in my free time, I will not force myself to read something (recreational-ly) just to satisfy a list or unspoken responsibility I’ve made myself previously. This goal is mostly aimed at monthly TBR’s and accepting unsolicited review requests from publishers/authors. I did a lot of forcing when I first started my blog because I thought that was part of it: You know, the blood, sweat, and tears part that you put into something to make it really great. I know; I rolled my eyes too. And all this did was add unnecessary stress to something meant to be fun, and make reading feel like a chore. That’s when I knew I needed to step back a bit.

So, I won’t be making any traditional TBR’s for myself this year. Instead, for sanity’s sake and having some anticipated reads to share with you all, I am going to try posting a weekly or bi-weekly update on what I’m currently reading and what I’ve got my eye on. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Read Your Shelves First

I’m not going on a book buying ban and I’m not making any goals to use my library more. I use my library a ton as it is, and I like to think I’m fairly good at keeping my book buying realistic to what I can afford. I do what works for me and, well, it works.

That being said, I do own quite a substantial amount of books, the majority of which are still unread. Many live in my Nook or my Kindle, but most are stacked precariously on two physical shelves shared by my husband and I. (Thank you bookoutlet) We could get a third bookcase, or we could just start reading more of what we have. Maybe both. TBD…

In the past, books I’ve read from my physical shelves that I don’t intend to reread, or keep, have gone into a box that I donate to the library. I only did one of these donations last year and Lord knows my bookshelves could use a nice de cluttering.

So, I will be looking through my own shelves for my next read first before jumping straight to the library or Goodreads for ideas. It’s foolproof!

  • Keep It Light

I read for fun. I write for fun. Both are relaxing and useful creative outlets for me to de stress and add some chill to my day. Society is chaotic. Granted, there is beauty in chaos, but it’s chaotic all the same. And more often than not, my introverted spirit needs to absorb as much peace and quiet as I can before venturing back out. I don’t need to bring the demands and useless pressures into my quiet space.

I will read to my heart’s content this year. And I will blog about what I read. I will keep it simple. And I will keep it happy.

But most of all, I will thoroughly enjoy sharing my reading experiences with you and reading about yours as well with a smile on my face.

Happy Reading!


I am currently working my way through The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang. At about 45% through, I am loving the story and our main character. I can’t wait to see where it goes.